I’ve been seeing a bit of twitter chat about how hard it is for our Aussie Mummy Bloggers to get sponsorship for the upcoming Aussie Bloggers Conference.  This prompted me to reflect on the fact that I am very lucky that I live in Sydney and don’t have to worry about travel and accommodation expenses which would pretty much make it impossible for me to attend.  I decided I’d like to sponsor a ticket but had no idea how to choose who to offer it to.  I asked Brenda what she thought about this and got the big thumbs up, so here we go.

If you’d like Natural Transition to sponsor your ticket to ABC, let me know by leaving a comment. I’d like the ticket to go someone that has tried to get sponsorship elsewhere and has been knocked back by some short sighted company that doesn’t know what’s good for them. Tell us about it, what have you done to try and find sponsorship? I’ll let you  all know who gets the ticket on Monday the 17th of January.

There’s one more thing you need to do to be eligible for the Natural Transition sponsored ticket.  Please make (or have already made) a donation to the appeal to help  Lori from Random Ramblings of a SAHM meet her expenses as she finds her feet through a terrible tragedy. You can use the widget (thanks to Glowless for making the widget) to  below to donate and get the code for your blog. And please leave Lori a message of support, she needs your love.

That’s me done for the night. Apologies for typos and grammar, I can barley see through the blur.  It’s 3am and I have 6 day old baby that wants my boobies. Oh crap, it’s 3am, how’d that happen?

Peace and love to you all.

xx Jules