Looking for Aussie Bloggers Conference sponsorship?

I’ve been seeing a bit of twitter chat about how hard it is for our Aussie Mummy Bloggers to get sponsorship for the upcoming Aussie Bloggers Conference.  This prompted me to reflect on the fact that I am very lucky that I live in Sydney and don’t have to worry about travel and accommodation expenses which would pretty much make it impossible for me to attend.  I decided I’d like to sponsor a ticket but had no idea how to choose who to offer it to.  I asked Brenda what she thought about this and got the big thumbs up, so here we go.

If you’d like Natural Transition to sponsor your ticket to ABC, let me know by leaving a comment. I’d like the ticket to go someone that has tried to get sponsorship elsewhere and has been knocked back by some short sighted company that doesn’t know what’s good for them. Tell us about it, what have you done to try and find sponsorship? I’ll let you  all know who gets the ticket on Monday the 17th of January.

There’s one more thing you need to do to be eligible for the Natural Transition sponsored ticket.  Please make (or have already made) a donation to the appeal to help  Lori from Random Ramblings of a SAHM meet her expenses as she finds her feet through a terrible tragedy. You can use the widget (thanks to Glowless for making the widget) to  below to donate and get the code for your blog. And please leave Lori a message of support, she needs your love.

That’s me done for the night. Apologies for typos and grammar, I can barley see through the blur.  It’s 3am and I have 6 day old baby that wants my boobies. Oh crap, it’s 3am, how’d that happen?

Peace and love to you all.

xx Jules

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  1. And the winner is…


    Thanks to those of you who put your hands up and to those who left nice comments for me :-)I really look forward to meeting you all in March!

    Since I bought the giveaway ticket already, I couldn’t give it to anyone who already had a ticket, ’cause then they’d have 2 tickets and only one bum to put on a seat. That left me with Dannie. I know Dannie is a worthy recipient, I’ve been seeing her tweet her heart out for sponsorship for some time now.

    If there is anyone that can help Dannie out with airfares or accommodation, please visit her blog http://www.adoseofdannie.blogspot.com and let her know.

    xx Julie

  2. Hey there and thanks for the chance 🙂 I have donated to Lori’s cause.

    I am in the lucky position of already having bought my ticket, I was one of the first ones as I knew this was something I did not want to miss. Just like the organisers, I have always wanted Aussies to put on a similar thing to BlogHer. I could think of nothing better than being in a room full of like minded people who blog. None of my IRL friends do and they all think its a bit strange really! Of course there was no room in the budget for it but I bought it anyway. I thought even if I walked I was getting there somehow! (I am from Melbourne!)

    So I hope I can still apply for sponsorship even if I do have a ticket as my plan was to wait for Christmas to be over and it be the new year and then approach companies to reimburse me the cost of the ticket and help pay for accomodation and flights. I seriously cannot afford it and at the moment I am likely to be sleeping on a park bench.

    Ok so its 2011 now and I am yet to write my lovely email that 1000’s of companies are just going to champ at the bit to have me represent them. To be honest, I am a scaredy cat! I am too scared of rejection. I know it will make a stronger and more confident but I am not sure I can handle anymore bad news just yet. Especially since I know many of my counterparts who are hugely popular had trouble getting sponsors, well I think I will have no hope really.

    I was also kinda hoping that the lovely ABC ‘sponsor me’ widget on my blog will do all the work for me. Well it hasn’t so the time as come for some begging and pleading for some lovely companies to make my dreams come true and sponsor me!

    Well anyway that’s my story, I shall get up from my knees and even though I still not may even be eligible. Thank you Julie for such a lovely gesture. It is wonderful that you are going to help out. I really appreciate it!

    Good luck everyone 🙂


  3. I am a Stay at Home Dad who pulled away from PT work last year to dedicate myself to the creation of a parenting community online. SuperParents was an idea of mine to consolidate products to help parents and care-givers maintain quality care to their young children or aging adult dependents.

    In the last 9 months I have developed a blog and a FaceBook presence, but even now I’m still not at the point where my open source shopping cart is ready for me to start thinking about advertising in the community newspapers.

    Aussie Bloggers Conference is an opportunity for me to solidify my friendships with some close blogging friends, create new networking lines with acquaintances, and to float one or two interesting ideas I have that will raise the game for mummy bloggers all round!

    I have created a post http://www.superparents.com.au/blog/2010/12/aussie-bloggers-conference/ regarding my trip to the conference, discussed it with my former SEO/online marketing company, and have tweeted about it. I have not strenuously looked for funding because my time has been limited through the christmas and school holidays, and I’m finding it impossible to stretch myself in so many places.

    As I have mentioned in my post, in the least I aim to help any sponsor promote themselves through posts on my blog. However, I expect to be able to sustain a good promotional campaign for a sponsor using the various channels at my disposal. My blog ranks highly for many high profile keywords and keyterms in Western Australia, and any sponsor who helps me will gain a greater prominence in this part of the world.

    Whether I get this giveaway or not, I reckon this is a fantastic idea … and Jules … I appreciate your generosity and empathy to fellow mummy bloggers. 🙂



  4. Julie, that’s amazingly kind of you! thank you for your thoughtfulness, if there were more people like you in the world, it’d be a much better place.

  5. wow! this is an awesome idea:-) I hope its me that gets picked for a ticket, I think i have emailed over 50 small companies and nothing or they email back saying good luck in finding your help blah ,blah etc… and if i get that ticket (fingers crossed) then im going to need huge help on getting my flights as im so stone cold broke have been for a while . waiting fot the companys to disconect me soon with
    phone ,gas,water i just cant afford them all 🙁
    I will stop begging now so if i do miss out then enjoy all !

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