Achieving Pregnancy

Achieving pregnancy using natural fertility awareness

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Chart your mucous signs

You will be aiming to have intercourse while you have fertile type mucus. This may be wet, slippery and possibly like raw egg white in appearance. Any change from your basic infertile pattern may indicate that ovulation is approaching.

Chart your temperature

This will confirm that you have ovulated and that your fertile phase is over. If you notice you have had high temperature readings after your period is due, you may be pregnant.

Chart changes at the cervix

This will help you to confirm that you are having intercourse while you are fertile. If you find that your cervix sits high in the vagina and feels open and soft, you are potentially fertile.

Chart any other unique signs of fertility applicable to you

These signs will help you to confirm your fertility.

When should we and how often?

There are a few schools of thought here.

Some believe it is important to limit intercourse to alternate days while trying to conceive. There are a few reasons for this:

  • It can be difficult to distinguish between mucus and seminal fluid, so you could miss the beginning of the mucus sign.
  • There is a greater volume of ejaculate if you wait for alternate days or more time between conception attempts, this improves the chances of a sperm reaching an egg.

It is thought that the optimal amount of time for the largest and healthiest ejaculation is 4 days. This is the longest period of time where ejaculate builds up before being reabsorbed in testes.

Others say that, hey, it only takes one sperm to fertilise an egg and it has to be strong to last the distance so what difference does the volume of the ejaculate make if the sperm are healthy?

Another approach is to start having intercourse when you feel like it and try as many times as you want during the period of time between the first sign of fertile mucus while the cervix is sitting high in the vagina and before the temperature rise. Quite often, women notice a brief drop in temperature just before the rise. This is a sign of ovulation and is the ideal time to have intercourse.

Sex lost its sizzle? Feeling like a baby making machine?

It is very common for at least one partner to feel this way after trying to conceive unsuccessfully for some time.

If you are concerned about your fertility as a couple then it is a good idea to see a specialist who will ensure you are tested appropriately for all causes of infertility.

If you find there are no problems then try this:

Make love not babies. If you already know you ovulate regularly forget about taking your temperature. Observe your mucus signs and changes at the cervix casually and have sex when you feel like it. Or forget about observation all together, relax and let nature take its course.

Stress hormones are a killer for fertility, so find a way to relax. Manage your stress, use EFT to deal with any worries you have about your fertility and go on a nice relaxing holiday together (around the time of ovulation for greatest effect!).

If you have been trying to conceive without success for more than one year or you have had a miscarriage, you could benefit from seeing a natural health practitioner that specialises in fertility issues. Natural therapies have a lot to offer couples who have little chance of success with conventional treatments. Especially if you are told the problem is with the male partner. You can find a practitioner who specialises in fertility here.

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