I should now call this post ‘What was in my labour bag’, I wrote this a week ago and didn’t get it checked over for typos in time.  Now here I am, editing with a sweet little boy snoozin’ in Dad’s arms on the other lounge :-).  I’ll update at some stage soon with what I actually used and what I forgot, but for now, here’s the post as it was written a week ago (with post natal brain editing. Go easy).

I’ve only just finished packing it at 39 weeks. I guess that’s one of the noticeable differences of a first time and fourth time Mum.  First time, I was packed with kilos and kilos of stuff I didn’t use by 36 weeks. This time I have a little bag by the front door with the bare essentials. I must remember to pack some clothes before I walk out that door.

Here’s what I have considered the bare essentials:

  • Toothbrush/ toothpaste
  • A really nice organic, only very lightly scented shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. I’m not planning to be in hospital for long and won’t use any soap or body products until at least the day after baby is born but when I do, it will be the nicest I can buy.  I’m mindful that baby needs Mummy scent so I  make sure I choose my indulgent body products carefully.
  • Lots of pairs of black undies. I’ve come to realise that black is best when it comes to post natal undies and a size too big is a good idea to accommodate the enormous surf board type maternity pads and a residual baby belly. God I hate having to wear underwear. One of my least favorite aspects of birthing is the need for wearing undies to bed. Yes, I’m serious, I’d rather squeeze a baby out of my vagina than wear undies to bed for however long it takes to stop bleeding.
  • A box of maternity pads- I’m using eco disposable Natracare New Mother Pads because I didn’t want to spend $80 on enough washables to make it possible to use them without hassle. Plus- I didn’t want anyone else having to wash them for me and I’m going on a housework strike for a few weeks after baby.  I’ll be leaving the washing up to someone else.
  • Baby Concepts for Mum Labour Face Spray– I can’t wait to use this stuff. It smells beautiful, not too scented, is handmade by a beautiful work from home Mum in Melbourne and uses the highest quality aromatherapy ingredients specially formulated for labour. A sprizer IS something I’ve used and appreciated in labour before.
  • Some rescue remedy- For anytime I or anyone around me feels they need some calming. Also for baby after birth (just a drop on the hand or foot for baby- not in the mouth).
  • My homeopathic kit- In the past I have only used 2 remedies from this. Arnica for immediately following the birth and chamomilla  at transition when I’ve felt like it was too much pain and I couldn’t go on. I didn’t actually get to that point last time and I’m hoping this time will just as pleasant, but you never know what will come up and I have my full birth kit of 16 remedies. If you want to know what remedies I have in a birth kit and what they are all used for, check out the Homoeopathy for birth booklet I wrote. It is posted on the members area of Natural Transition- won’t cost you anything to check it out, just get yourself a 7 day guest pass.
  • Transition tea plus calcium/ magnesium powder- I think I’ll take it made up as an iced tea. It’s too bloody hot here at the moment for hot tea. Just making up a bottle each day and putting it in the fridge. Drinking it throughout the day and will take whatever I have in my bottle with me to hospital. I’ll take some loose tea and my tea pot to make some up after baby is born for after pains (Shudder. I have no fear or anxiety about the labour, but afterpains- ick!). If this is like last time, I don’t expect this to be a long labour nor to have any time to even think about drinking.
  • Some clothes for my baby to come home in- I’m not planning on staying in hospital for long- a minimum of 4 hrs and a max of 24 hours. 1 outfit will be enough. I’ll use hospital cloth nappies while I’m there and then use up my sisters left over disposable stash before I move onto cloth at home.
  • My Hugabub to bring baby home in. We don’t drive, hubs walked our last baby home from the hospital in a sling. We’ll probably do the same this time.
  • A hemp gallery wrap– It’s summer here, I think we’ll be needing a nice cool wrap. Babies still need swaddling in Summer and the hospital stuff is too heavy.

That’s it. I think that’s all I need. Though I’m sure I’ll be updating this post with a list of things I forgot or should have taken :-/

What do you think I’ve forgotten?