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Homemade Teething Rusks

My little 15 month old Lachie is teething up a storm at the moment. Mother nature is testing his limits

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Eczema? Dermatitis? Dry itchy skin? Check out Hope’s Relief- A review and giveaway

My eldest son has suffered from eczema off and on for his entire childhood. He recently had a flare up

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5 Reasons Babywearing Rocks My Socks

Last Friday and Saturday, I had the privilege of attending the Connect2mums Mumpreneurs conference and Bio Oil Ausmumpreneur Awards. As well as

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Another ‘So… how hard is breastfeeding? post’

You would think that by the time a mother gets to baby number 4 that something as mumsie as breastfeeding would

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Baby care advice- A collection of the stupidest

This is post is for Colin  from Super Parents. He did a call out earlier in the week for people

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Natural therapies, kids and gastro

Urg!!! Just when I thought the medical dramas were over and done with, my martial arts trainer brings her baby

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Help celebrate the birth of The NaturalTransition Blog with #blogblessing and prizes

We have just finished with birthday buzz a plenty in our house. Despite the fact that our children were conceived

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Wearing Your Baby- Not Just a Fashion Accessory

Babies need a lot of attention and there’s a great way you can have your baby with your all day,

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Cloth Nappies- Easy On Mum, Baby and Land Fill

It used to be that nappies (or diapers for my American friends) were such a hassle; mothers had no choice but to use cloth nappies, clumsy pins, and annoying covers. Then they invented disposable nappies and most mothers thought it was a miracle. Now, about 80% of babies use disposables. But are disposable nappies really better? Before you go grab a pack of Huggies, catch up on some of the benefits of cloth.