Some Common Homoeopathic Remedies For Babies

You will most commonly be able to match your baby’s symptoms to one the seven profiles below. If you have a specific health concern for your baby, take a look at the Common Challenges of The First Year guides. If you don’t find what you need- Email for a custom guide (It’s free!).

The Impatient Baby

  • This baby is restless, angry and impatient.
  • Extremely sensitive to pain, when in pain the baby dislikes being spoken to, touched and even being looked at.
  • Stubborn
  • These babies often insist on being carried around and cry loudly when they are help still or put down. Even after being carried around for a short while they may start to cry again.
  • When hungry the baby wants to feed immediately
  • This baby is hard to please-asking for things that are not really wanted once you offered. The Chamomilla baby wants to be carried and cries loudly when you stop moving or put it down.
  • When angry the baby may hit anyone who is carrying it.
  • This a common remedy for strong pain and is often required while teething
  • Perspiration is clammy and feels hot
  • The baby will often have one hot red check while the other is pale and cool.
  • Symptoms tend to be worse at night
  • Stools may be green and smell like rotten eggs
  • Ear pains are brought on by exposure to wind
  • Fevers are high. These babies sweat easily during a fever. The baby may shiver. The face feels hot while the body feels cold to touch
  • Remedy: Chamomilla

The Irritable and Serious Baby

  • This baby is serious, irritable and difficult to live with.
  • He knows what he wants and is cross if he doesn’t get it.
  • He is especially irritable on waking-in the morning or after a nap-when he kicks and screams.
  • He sleeps well at night but is miserable and cries all day.
  • He has great trouble digesting his feeds and is very windy.
  • These babies have a tendency to constipation, they try to pass a stool but can’t. When they finally do it may appear hard and knotty.
  • Constant dry irritating and often painful cough which will disturb their sleep
  • Feel better for hot drinks
  • These babies will have a lot of mucous which will be green, yellow or white
  • Babies have trouble feeding because of mucous.
  • This is a good conjunctivitis remedy for those babies who appear to have their eyelids glued together
  • This type of baby will have a fever that feels hot on the left side and will often feel cold on the other side. Will be sweatier on one side than the other.
  • Feel better for passing wind
  • Worse before or after passing a stool
  • Remedy: Lycopodium

The Jumpy and Nervous Baby

  • This is a clingy baby who hates downward movement and will scream on being rocked or even when put down in her cot.
  • If she is asleep when you put her down she will wake up.
  • She can wake screaming for no apparent reason.
  • This baby is nervous, easily startled by sudden noises (such as sneezing or the vacuum cleaner), even in her sleep.
  • Can be very irritable before passing a stool and is cheerful afterwards.
  • Stools are loose and often contain mucous, this often happens during teething
  • This is the best remedy for oral thrush of a breastfeeding baby. The baby will cry in pain while feeding or may refuse the breast altogether. The baby’s mouth wil feel hot to the mother’s nipple.
  • Babies who vomit when they are put down
  • Remedy: Borax

The Whiny and Clingy Baby

  • This baby is whiny and clingy and wants to be carried all the time.
  • He is a gentle baby who loves cuddles and attention and becomes miserable if he is separated from his mum and also if he is unwell or when he is teething.
  • He cries more in a hot, stuffy atmosphere and is much happier in the fresh air.
  • Often have dry mouths and lips
  • Show an absence of thirst
  • These are very affectionate children and they need affection reciprocated. They cry to get sympathy and to get what they want
  • These babies will moan and cry during a fever, which is a burning dry heat and comes on during the evening. Sweating may be one sided, usually the left.
  • Like to sleep on their back and poke their feet out of the blankets to cool
  • The symptoms tend to be changeable. Hot and then cold, wants a blanket then wants to be uncovered
  • Mucus looks green, dirty yellow, smelly thick and dry alternating with profuse and watery. Will be difficult to cough up mucous which is sticky
  • Cough is constant in the evening, dry at night and loose in the morning
  • This is a good remedy for sticky eyes of the new born
  • Remedy: Pulsatilla

The Clingy and Frightened Baby

  • This baby may have had a traumatic birth and is having difficulty recovering from it.
  • They tend to be clingy, frightened and restless children.
  • Children often have one or more the following fears: dark, water, animals, dogs and strangers.
  • They have bad nightmares and wake screaming unable to be consoled.
  • Appear terrified
    Remedy: Stramonium

The Discontented and Sluggish Baby

  • This baby becomes worn out after a growth spurt.
  • He is irritable, hard to please and sluggish.
  • He doesn’t gain weight well and is thin and pale.
  • He is especially miserable when he is teething-which seems to go on forever, without any results!
  • Teething may bring on diarrhea and colds
  • These babies develop slowly in every way. They will be slow to reach developmental milestones and slow to grow
  • This is a good remedy for a baby who is not thriving
  • Very sensitive to cold damp conditions
  • These babies appear listless and have little energy
  • They appear to want something but they don’t know what
  • This is a good remedy to give after an acute illness and the baby is having trouble regaining it’s strength
  • Often good for coughs that wont go away
  • Difficult to wake this baby
  • Remedy: Calcarea phosphorica

The Colicky and Irritable Baby

  • This baby is irritable, difficult, restless and doesn’t want to play
  • She cries a lot, especially at night when she doesn’t want to sleep
  • She seems to survive on very little sleep
  • She is pale and colicky
  • Has a sour smell-to her sweat and stools. Will smell sour even after washing
  • The child may eat a lot with out appearing to enjoy it
  • Suddenly dislikes favorite comfort objects or may suddenly take up a comfort object
  • Remedy: Rheum