How To Use Homoeopathy


A typical dose of the selected remedy would consist of two pilules given dry, under the tongue in a clean mouth. (i.e. no trace of food, drink or medication)

The remedies contained in this kit can be given every 5-15 minutes if necessary. No more than four doses of one remedy should be given if the remedy does not appear to be helping. Reduce the frequency of dosing as the patient improves and resume it if she worsens again. If the remedy has not acted after four doses or the physical and emotional symptoms of the patient have changed, another remedy should be chosen.


Remedies are sensitive to environmental interference. They should be kept away from sunlight, moisture and protected from x-ray sources and all types of electromagnetic radiation.

How to find the right remedy

  • Emotional state? (eg. anxious, angry, overwhelmed, restless, critical)
  • Physical problems? (eg. cervix not dilating, ineffectual contractions)
  • Unusual behaviour? (eg. intolerance of warm room, trembling, pacing)
  • Thirst? (eg. drinking small amounts often, lack of thirst, excessive thirst)
  • What does the women look like? (eg. red face, pale, exhausted)
  • What does it feel like? (eg. sharp, aching, shooting, location, localised/generalised, changing, moving)
  • What makes the pain better or worse?

During labour, the body’s vital force is in full flow and symptoms are likely to be obvious and intense. They are likely to be easily observable through behaviour or body language or verbalised by the labouring woman.

For a support person trying to find the right remedy, it is important to consider the symptom picture exhibited by the women. Below is a list of areas to consider. It may be helpful to write down your observations in these areas and responses to questions. It might be helpful to pack a pen and some paper with you remedy kit.


  • Anything else that stands out?


During labour, it is best to watch and observe during contractions and ask questions in between. The most important thing is to clarify the character of the pain as this is something you cannot observe for yourself.


  • Is there anything else you feel with the pain? (eg. nausea, dizziness)

Reactions to the remedy

Often the first indication that the remedy is acting may be some general improvement such as calming, relaxation, or regaining of strength. The mother may feel more positive than before, even before

symptoms have subsided. Some people first notice a mild euphoria or feeling of well being soon after taking the dose.

Often the remedy acts well for some time but the action wears off and the patient relapses into the same state as before. This is a classic indication to repeat the remedy. This shows that the remedy was well chosen and has acted properly. It should be repeated as before until there ceases to be any further improvement. Try giving the remedy every 5 minutes until things change. If you find it stops working after some time, it may be time to use a different remedy.

If the remedy works well but the symptoms change, another remedy should be chosen.

Another common response is no response: the condition continues in the same way as before. Failure to respond after four doses warrants re-evaluating the situation. Consider giving another remedy if indicated or seeking additional medical advice.

Occasionally, one of the presenting symptoms may become intensified for a short period of time, although the patient herself usually feels better and is more capable of tolerating it. This aggravation will improve and should require no further treatment.