Naturopathic Consultations

Natural Transition brings naturopathic maternity care to mum and baby in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re struggling with the discomforts of pregnancy or finding things difficult with a new baby- give me a call or message me on 0488846672 to see if and how we might be able to to help.

What to expect from a naturopathic consultation

In your first consultation, the presenting complaint – eg. constipation, breastfeeding problems, colic, postnatal depression- is dealt with first. You’ll be asked questions about when the condition began and what makes it better or worse.

I’ll go on to gather further information about the problem and you will be asked about all sorts of things including diet and lifestyle information, bowel habits (yep…), your health history and your family health history. Functional pathology testing may be arranged if required.

I always do my best to keep ongoing costs to a minimum and try to avoid large amounts of expensive medicines.

At the end of the consultation, you will be provided with a tailor-made plan of action regarding diet, lifestyle suggestions and herbal, nutritional or other medicines. I’ll provide clear explanations as to why the recommendations have been made and how soon you should start to see results. I always endeavour to make sure that my recommendations will fit into your lifestyle and work with you to make lasting, health-promoting changes.

I’m always keen to know of your progress between consultations and love to receive updates.  If you’re not doing as well as expected or have questions, I’m available by phone or email.

There are six basic principles that guide naturopathic healthcare:

  • The healing power of nature
  • First, do no harm
  • Find and treat the cause, not only the symptom
  • Always treat the whole person, not only their disease
  • Education
  • Prevention


Naturopathic consultations

  • Initial consultation: $180 (Approximately 70 mins and includes your tailor-made action plan )
  • Follow up consultation (short): $60 (Approximately 1/2 hour)
  • Follow up consultation (extended): $90 (Approximately 1 hour)
  • Herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and functional pathology tests are an additional cost and vary depending on what you need. I always do my best to keep costs down and don’t believe in recommending large amounts of ongoing costly medicines.

Make a booking

For your comfort and convenience, I come to your home if you are in the Hornsby/ Berowra area.

If you are out of the Hornsby/ Berowra area, you can book an online consultation. These are conducted via a secure telehealth service.

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  1. HI Serene,
    I have just tried to send you an email with the information you requested but it has bounced back.

    Please find a copy of this below:

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding naturopathic support and hormone testing for management of endometriosis.
    I do offer various levels of hormone testing through Clinical Labs. The most comprehensive being the full cycle hormone profile covers 17 hormones at 5 times throughout a cycle and costs $368.

    My initial consultation fee is $120 and takes approximately 90 minutes. I am happy to liase with your doctor and offer treatment options incluing herbal and nutritional medicine alongside lifestyle modification.

    I am currently away and am next available on Saturday the 28th of January.

    If you have any further questions or would like to make a booking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch either by return email or by phone on 0422503908.

    With kind regards,


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