Online Fertility Charting

As a natural transition member you will receive use of Hormonal Forecaster web edition along with a well trained and experienced natural fertility teacher available to answer all of your charting and fertility questions when ever you feel you need it.

Follow the instructions below to make use of this service:

  1. Go to this URL and sign up for an account:
  2. Once the account is activated and you receive a confirmation email, login and select “Share My Data”
  3. Under Search for a Medical Provider…enter ‘co’ – Click on ‘Search for Provider’. You will then see my name- Julie Cottle. Click on that.
  4. Choose which types of data you wish to share by checking the boxes (Fertility Data, Fertility Charts, Personal Notes, and Category Event Data) and click on ‘Share My Selected Data’.
  5. Julie will now be able to view your chart and data in order to provide feedback and answer your questions.
  6. Submit your fertility questions using our members only contact form.

4 thoughts on “Online Fertility Charting

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for letting me know. I ust tested and got the same problem. I know I had several clients sign up sharing data with me just this week, so think this might be a temporary problem. I will get onto the support team and sort it out ASAP.
      Thanks again..


    2. O.K, have managed to get it work by entering co then search for provider and my name comes up ‘Julie Cottle’, select that and alls well.
      It’s very strange Cottle isn’t working because I know it was last week. I’ll still get it seen to and fixed properly tomorrow.

      Thanks again xx

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