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Breastfeeding Your Baby After Surgery

I’m so very lucky to have this little gem to

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9 Things to Know About Breastfeeding and Alcohol During the Festive Season

At this time of year, many women who don’t normally drink will have a few and those that drink

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Another ‘So… how hard is breastfeeding? post’

You would think that by the time a mother gets to baby number 4 that something as mumsie as breastfeeding would

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My Birth Story- Just Right Forth Time Round

I wrote this post when my little Lachlan was 3 days old. He’s now 11 days old and this still

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Dear midwives assisting in the delivery of my baby

I have a few requests that I would appreciate you cooperation with during the delivery of my baby. I understand

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Natural therapies, kids and gastro

Urg!!! Just when I thought the medical dramas were over and done with, my martial arts trainer brings her baby

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Help celebrate the birth of The NaturalTransition Blog with #blogblessing and prizes

We have just finished with birthday buzz a plenty in our house. Despite the fact that our children were conceived

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I am Mamma(l)

This is an amazing video reminding us that just like other baby mammals, human babies can find the breast on their own… and get a perfect latch.

Medical (mis)management of mastitis

I have had several gobsmacking breastfeeding enquiries from mothers over the past week. Gobsmacking because they have been so poorly advised by health professionals, people who really should know better. This post will deal with the most notable for the week, mismanagement of mastitis. I’ll look at others in my upcoming and ongoing Breastfeeding Myth Busting series.

Super power number 1: Making baby food, even while you sleep.

Learn about the amazing changes that happen to your breasts to enable to you make this super food for your baby.