World Breastfeeding Week 2009 Reflections on the theme


World breastfeeding week coincides with the start of my busiest week of the entire year. I have all 3 of my beautiful boys having a birthday between August 8 and August 12. More about that tomorrow. Needless to say that with 3 birthday parties to organise I have had trouble finding the time to write a World Breastfeeding Week post. Even though I haven’t been writing, I have been thinking. I have been tossing the theme over in my mind for the past 6 days and would love to share my thoughts with anyone that might be interested.

Breastfeeding- An Emergency response

…in devastated communities

I began thinking about this theme in the manner it was intended. Breastfeeding saves babies lives during emergency situations when food and access to clean water is difficult to come by. A breastfed baby will always be able to stay well hydrated and have the best possible nutrition without worry of contamination. Even if the mother is very stressed or malnourished, she will still make milk for her baby. Not only will the mother make food and drink for her baby but she will make antibodies to any infectious diseases that she comes into contact with and pass these on to her baby. This reduces the risk of the baby contracting an infectious disease or at the very least, reduces the severity and the duration of the baby’s illness.

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Welcome to peaceful parenting author Bob Lancer!

I’m excited to have peaceful parenting author, radio host and father of 2- Bob Lancer to write Natural Transitions very first guest post. It’s awesome to have a Dad’s perspective here… a little bit of yang in amongst all this yin 🙂

Well… here it is. Enjoy! Don’t forget that your comments are always welcome here and if you have a question for Bob, please leave it as a reply comment and we’ll get it answered.

The 5 Signs Of Being An Overly Busy Family – And What To Do About It

While one of the benefits of technology was supposed to have been more leisure time, it appears that we are spending more time struggling to make the money to take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in technology! Families may be busier than ever for more reasons than that. A contributing factor most certainly has to do with the fact that we cannot safely just let our kids go out to play on their own in many, many neighbourhoods. They need to be in enclosed spaces with professional, licensed supervision. This requires packing and unpacking the car and being a family on the go more than ever.

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I am Mamma(l)

The word mammal comes from the Latin word mamma, meaning breast.  All mammals breastfeed. We are mammals. Human babies are mammals. Just like a baby elephant or a kitten or a puppy or a little piglet, human babies are capable of finding the breast on their own and get a perfect latch with no help whatsoever.

I love this video. Not only does it remind me that we are mammals and have an inbuilt ability to feed our babies, but all the people around this women- men, women and children are waiting patiently for this just born baby to make its way to its mother’s breast. The joy of the people sharing the moment is audible.

I wonder… Does this Mamma feel self conscious? Does she feel the support of all the people around her? Does she ever have to hide while breastfeeding? Will those kids that are watching think twice about whether or not they are capable of breastfeeding?

What do you think?