Medical (mis)management of mastitis

I have had several gobsmacking breastfeeding enquiries from mothers over the past week. Gobsmacking because they have been so poorly advised by health professionals, people who really should know better. This post will deal with the most notable for the week and I’ll look at others in a Breastfeeding Myth Busting series.

The consultation with this Mamma went a little like this: “Can you tell me how to wean my 4 month old baby?” I kind of got the feeling that she didn’t really want to talk about it, just wanted the info. I got half way through the sentence “It depends on the reason you need to wean” and was cut off by her hurriedly asking “Should I go cold turkey or do it slowly”? I answer the question telling her that it needs to be done as slowly as possible since sudden weaning will cause blocked ducts and mastitis. She then tells me that is the very reason she needs to wean. She became teary and said that she keeps getting mastitis and has made the decision to wean so that she is doing her best for her baby. She feels she can’t look after him properly if she is sick.

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Seven Week Old Embryo Warned Not To Be Late

My pregnant sister went to her first pregnancy check up with her GP last week. She was given a warning to book into her local hospital straight away because their quota fills up very quickly. If she misses out she will have to have her baby in a hospital outside of her local area. This could be a ½ hour drive away or more, depending on traffic. Now since she and her partner don’t have a car this in itself creates a bit of anxiety.

Auntie Jules says that pregnant sisters should be given time to decide where and how they want to have their baby. We are told that we are lucky to have options in Sydney such as the birth centre, labour ward and, for a limited time only, at home. It would be nice to be able to let the news that you are going to have a baby sink in a little before having to rush into a decision about the birth. Since we don’t live in a perfect world, I can deal with this. I have trouble dealing with what the doctor said next…”As it is, if you’re overdue you will probably be sent to another hospital anyway”. Huh?? The baby doesn’t even have an umbilical cord yet and it already has a ‘must be delivered by date’. How can it be good for a pregnant sister to have to worry about delivering her baby ‘on time’ only 7 weeks into the pregnancy?

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My sister peed on a stick and got two lines, I’m going to be an Auntie!

Hooray! My little sister is going to be a great Mummy and I’m really looking forward to sharing the inevitable ups and downs of the tremendous journey that begins with pregnancy and birth. She and her partner have told family and friends about their visit from the stork and are now well familiar with the advice phenomenon- everyone has some and it is always different to the next persons. Well.. Why should I be any different? I have some advice too and since this is my little sister and since she asked for my opinion..

Here are the questions my little sister asked when she came for dinner a few days ago along with my answers. I figure there are lots of other pregnant sisters out there that I’ve never met and they might also be interested in my advice. I’m thinking of starting an “Ask Auntie Jules” column. I really like the sound of that.. Auntie Jules 🙂

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