Help celebrate the birth of The NaturalTransition Blog with #blogblessing and prizes

We have just finished with birthday buzz a plenty in our house. Despite the fact that our children were conceived on nothing more than a twinkle in the eye and vague thoughts about how nice it would be to have a baby- we’ve found ourselves with 3 beautiful boys, all with birthdays in the same week. The eldest is the 8th, the middle is the 10th and the youngest fit himself into the pattern and was born on the 12th- even though he came 9 days past his due date and while I was horridly sick with the flu. Even our chickens get some birthday action that week. My eldest son marked the 9th as pet chickens birthday. So we have had one huge week of celebration. I am so over cake (both making and eating).

All of this birthday buzz has had me in a reflective mood. This time last year… this time 7 years ago… this time 9 years ago- I was pregnant. I was so heavily pregnant and felt so desperately ready to bring these babies into the world. Just like my three beautiful boys, each birth was so unique and none of them without drama. I am planning on sharing my birth stories soon, but before that, I have a blog to launch 🙂

This year, I am heavily pregnant again.. this time with a different sort of baby. My website’s little sister, my blog. Just like this time last year, I am desperately ready to bring this baby into the world. It’s time to give it life and watch it breath on it’s own.

Since I am such a big believer in birth planning, I have planned the birth of my blog. Unlike the birth of my sons, I am in complete control of the date for this baby’s birth day and have decided it will be Friday, October 23rd.

I’ve wanted a blessing way for each of my 3 births but have never gotten around to it. I would like to use the idea of the blessing way in the lead up to my blog’s birth day. Very simply put, a blessingway is thought to have been a tradition that was begun by Native Americans. It was a ritual to offer blessings at life passages and has now become a popular alternative to a baby shower. It gives other mothers present the opportunity to share experiences, their learned wisdom and to offer support and encouragement as the new mother makes her transition to motherhood. I would like to hold a blog blessing way in the lead up to it’s birth day. During this time, I would like to gratefully receive blessings, learned wisdom and encouragement from any Mums who blog and from those who read blogs. Simply put- What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started your blog? What should I avoid? What makes a good blog? What makes a bad blog?

On The NaturalTransition Blog’s birth day we’ll celebrate with a give away. Every entry will be assigned a number and winners will be announced on twitter using #blogblessing. Winners will be determined using I’ll let you know the time closer to the date. First drawn gets first pick etc until all the party loot is gone. You can earn tickets to the give away by leaving a comment on any one of my blog posts (including this one) or by tweeting about my blog using the tag #blogblessing.

The party loot up for grabs is:
1x Natural Transition new Mama gift bag
1x Pink Kit ‘Just for Staff Midwives or Obstetrical Nurses’ CD
2x pregnancy and Yoga DVD’s
1x Post Natal Yoga with Baby DVD
1x Hemp and organic cotton teething doll from the Hemp Gallery
1x Natural Transition Queeze Eze tea (for pregnancy)
1x Natural Transition Transition tea (for birth and birth preparation)
1x Natural Transition Healing Bath tea (for healing after birth)
1x Natural Transition Nurture tea (for breastfeeding)

I will happily post party loot to whatever part of the world you live in.
Well.. that’s the plan. Now how about a comment or #blogblessing tweet?


You will find a complete list of rules and competition procedures including dates and times here

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