Me in my orange party socks with @AnIdleDad

Here I am guest posting for my mama.  She’s too tired to write or something and apparently I was far more popular at the Aussie Bloggers Conference than she could ever hope to be. This gig’s mine.

My big day started at 6:15am. Mama got me up, changed my nappy and walked around the house holding me kinda precariously as she put all sorts of things in our bags. I knew I was in for a big day when she packed 6 nappies and made sure she remembered the bum wipes. She’s never that prepared. She totally forgot to change my socks though and I had to wear these god awful orange stripy things. redface

Eventually I made it to my favourite place in the world, my Hug-a-bub with a booby at each ear. We walked to the bus stop. The train tracks were being fixed on our line that weekend so it was buses all the way. Mama mumbled something like ‘Thank duck for baby wearing’ when she discovered this. I love it when she refers to me as an accessory. rolleyes

So we waited and waited at the bus stop for 40 mins. I was pretty happy with this, it gave me time to have a relaxed breakfast. It was nice to have Mama sitting still to feed me rather than the usual wiggles she does while she twitters or emails or randomly browses the internet. It was also nice not to have my big brother grabbing me round the neck shouting in my ear “I luuv ewe  O-on”. I swear I’ll be lucky to see my first birthday.

We finally got on the bus and I had a little snooze until we got to the conference.  Mama seemed to be having trouble coordinating her feet and seemed to stagger on in to register just before 9am.  She apologised to Veronica from Sleepless Nights for being an hour late and not helping out when she said she would. We  then went and sat down at our table.  I got to meet some nice people on our table. Adam, Sarah, Dee and Claire.  Then we went around and meet lots and lots of other people and asked them lots of crazy questions.  Everyone said how cute I was. They were all really nice people, but Mama didn’t have time to stop and talk, she had to write names on her piece of paper.

I made sure Mama stayed awake during the sessions by wiggling and having  a tiny little cry every now and then.  I didn’t want to disrupt anything , but I had to keep Mama on her feet so that she didn’t fall asleep. I got her to feed me heaps during the sessions. Mama found them really interesting but I was a bit bored. I wanted to see some new things and cuddle more bloggers. There was this one time in the afternoon that my ploy worked perfectly. Lori from RRSHM came and gave me a cuddle and took me for a bit of a walk. She was really nice. I don’t know why Mama cried when she told us a story called My Story, My Blog.

I got to cuddle so many bloggers. So , so many. Bloggers really like to cuddle. They are very friendly people.  Any time it looked like Mama was having a bit of trouble or wanted something to eat or just wanted to rest her arms for a bit, there was a lovely blogger there to give me a cuddle. Lunch was filled with cuddles from so many nice people, I can’t remember them all. Lucky for Mama, someone saw us sitting on our own and invited us to eat with them.

Mama was telling me all day that it was time to have a sleep. I didn’t understand why she paid all that money for us to go to the conference if she wanted me to sleep through it. I had stuff to learn and people to cuddle. Why would I sleep? Also… how does she think I can sleep when she drank a large double strength flat white with 2 sugars on the way in to the city? Doesn’t she know that when she drinks coffee, I drink it too?

Once Mama had finished listening and learning, she invited herself up to Sarah’s room to get changed. I had a good chat to Yvette from Happy Child. I got to meet the beautiful Jayne from Indy Dreaming, Annie from life with Dandelions and Chris from Cooking With Too Much Salt too.

Once I’d had some dinner and freshened up, we went down to something called a dinner and dance. It was fabulous. We sat between The Not Drowning Mother and Chris. I scored cuddles with both of them. Chris got cuddles at lunchtime and dinner time because he’s going to have  twins soon and he needed to brush up on his baby holding skills. He’ll do well.

Once the music got louder, Mama and I hit the dance floor. I love dancing. I dance at home with my Dad and brothers sometimes. It’s so much fun and apparently I’m pretty good at it. So good, that I won the Dyson vacuum cleaner for being the most enthusiastic dancer.  My Hug-a-bub made dancing easy for Mama and I even got a few sneaky feeds on the dance floor.  I don’t think anyone else knew that Mama had her boobs out on the dance floor. It wouldn’t have been the biggest scandal of the night though, apparently someone else lost their undies…

I don’t know what Mama was drinking but things got a bit messy after I won the Dyson. She swears she only had one and a half glasses of wine but there must be some reason I passed out on the dance floor and can’t remember a damn thing from that point on. Apparently we left with our suitcase, ginormous goody bag, Mama’s hand bag and the new Dyson as we headed up to ‘The Cross’ with funny man Squiggly Rick as our escort. He made sure no one stole the Dyson and gave Mama someone to chat with until we got to Central station. How the heck we got from Central station to Mama hauling me out of a taxi at 2am is still a mystery. I had a nice dream feed when we got in which I threw up all over Mama before we snuggled up in bed together until about 11am the next day.

I wish I could name and link love everyone I met, but a) I have a memory like a goldfish and b) This post is long enough. Sooo… Who’s going to help me get more comments on my guest post than Mama ever has?