Pure Bamboo Nappy Bucket Deoderiser Review and Giveaway

I had no idea about Pure Bamboo and their products until I came across them at the recent EcoXpo. It was 5pm on mother’s day and I had been working at the expo all weekend. It dawned on me that it was mother’s day and that my own mum was at my house

Pure Bamboo Powerful Nappy Bucket Deoderiser Sachets

cooking me a delicious meal and looking after my eldest 3 kids. I had no present. I ran around a little stupidly trying to find a stand that hadn’t packed up that had something that I could call a decent mother’s day prezzie and ended up at Pure Bamboo. I left with some Moso Room Stalks and a pack of the powerful nappy bucket deoderiser sachets. What a score! Those nappy bucket deoderiser sachets were my find of the weekend. You just tape 2-3 to the bucket lid and another one or two to the side of the bucket and voila- no more stinky nappy bucket.  I’ve also found a little off label use as draw sachets- they keep my kids clothes draws nice and fresh. These don’t work by masking a smell, the actually have no scent at all. They just absorb the stink. Another selling point for is that you can refresh the sachets in the sun. 1 packet at $7.95 gives you 6 months of a stink free nappy bucket.

The Moso room stalks have been a bit of hit too. I don’t know if Mum has been using them, but I bought some for myself to try and have put them in every room. I can’t really tell if they absorb electromagnetic radiation or restore balance and calm, but at the very least they look really stylish. These can also be used to purify water- I haven’t tried that yet but love the idea and will…

Here’s a bit of info from Pure Bamboo about their bamboo charcoal products:

For centuries bamboo has been treasured for its healing powers, beauty and adaptability. When put through a special heating process, bamboo charcoal becomes a valuable by-product of natural bamboo. Its powerful absorption properties purify the air and drinking water, remove moisture, odours and harmful chemicals, absorb electromagnetic waves and create a nutrient-rich product with lasting health benefits.

The absorption strength of bamboo charcoal is amazing. With billions of porous pockets, one gram of bamboo charcoal

laid flat covers a football field. The micro-pores within the bamboo, work together to absorb chloride, sulfide and formaldehyde as well as strong smells, humidity and electromagnetic waves from household appliances and computers. Such is the versatility of beautiful bamboo.

  • Bamboo charcoal in the home is also shown to improve sleep, digestion and circulation and create a more calm and healthy environment.
  • Bamboo charcoal has concentrated nutrients and an abundance of trace mineral elements including potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. When added to water, these elements neutralise and enhance the quality of the water while absorbing harmful chemicals.
  • When used in wardrobes, fridges, sports bags and shoes, bamboo charcoal will absorb moisture and odours and refresh its surrounds. Smells such as fresh paint, adhesives, nicotine, rubbish, bathroom and pet are completely absorbed and removed
  • In cooking, bamboo will absorb harmful chemicals, purify the water and enrich the water with nutrients.
  • For beauty and health, bamboo charcoal will cleanse hair and body and work as a natural exfoliate for all skin types – leaving skin radiant and nourished.

Nifty huh?

Anyway… I have a pack of Pure Bamboo Powerful Nappy Bucket Deoderiser Sachets and a box of Moso Room Sticks to give away. If you’d like this prize leave me a comment below. Perhaps you could tell me a story about a last minute prezzie you’ve bought or tell me why you want this prize. Let me know if you share this post on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll give you an extra entry.

Moso Room Stalks

Random.org will be assisted by my 10 year to pick the winner at 6pm on Monday the 18th of July.

The Powerful Nappy Bucket Deodoriser Sachets and the Moso Room Stalks are now available in the Natural Transition shop.