Welcome Cloth Nappy Hunt Hunters and About the Natural Transition Product of the Day Deals

A great big hiho to all the Cloth Nappy Hunt Hunters! If you haven’t joined the hunt, go check it out!

I hope you have found the Natural Transition icon. I’d love to know what you think of my mini hunt. I think I made it really easy but then again , I know the site better than the back of my hand so it’s hard to know.

I wanted to take a moment to point out some of the things that Natural Transition has to offer as well as to explain how you can use your hunt code to get your free pair of Huggalugs leg huggers 🙂

Firstly, to get your free Huggalugs…

When you use your cloth nappy hunt code to purchase the Natural Transition product of the day, you get a free pair of Huggalugs leg huggers worth $14.95. I have also listed them in the shop for just $10 a pair for the entire month of the hunt. The product of the day will be listed on the Natural Transition & Cloth Nappy Hunt facebook page, the Natural Transition hint thread in the forum, the Natural Transition right sidebar and it will be added to the list at the bottom of this page! Basically, you can’t miss it if your watching out for it! Your hunt code will also get you 10% on all products store wide. It will be up by 10am each day.
Now… while your here, here are some more things to check out on the site:

  1. Free members resources– You’ll find loads of relaxation music for mums and bubs as well as white noise type tracks for bubs. Tons of info on natural therapies for babies and birth preparation materials galore!
  2. Free information pages- From the twinkle in the eye  to pregnancy, breastfeeding, birth and beyond. There’s plenty of info to keep you reading.
  3. The blog– Read back through the blog posts, I try to keep it interesting!
  4. Watch out for a giveaway coming soon! Watch the Facebook page or the blog for the announcement.

As promised, here is the list of past and present Natural Transition Cloth Nappy Hunt Product Of the Day (s). Remember you get the POD price and free Huggalugs leg huggers!

  1. Marino wool and cotton baby blanket– Such a beautiful present. RRP $99. POD price $65
  2. Nappy/ bidet sprayer- Makes cloth nappies a breeze. RRP $75. POD price $60
  3. Organic baby and expectant mum skin care– Just beautiful, safe and simple skin care. Any product from the range 10% off.
  4. Father’s Day bonus- Any product on the site!
  5. Bambooshka bamboo terry towelling burp cloth– Long, super soft and absorbent. My favourite new new baby present.
  6. Nioka Botanicals Bottom Barrier Spray– A genius product for nappy rash!
  7. Blackmores Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding Gold
  8. Sticking with the Blackmores Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding Gold over the weekend or until sold out
  9. Little Babe Wet Bags– A handy, simple draw string wet bag that will fit 6-8 nappies in it.
  10. Twin Pack of Wooly Wugs summer sleeping bags– For birth through to 2 years and designed to be perfect for the Australian summer.
  11. Baby Lux Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet– Bassinet or Cot size with a massive discount and free Huggalugs. This will stay all weekend or until sold out. I only have 2 of each size.

Feedback welcome and appreciated! What do you think of the mini hunt? What would you like to see as a product of the day? Any questions I can answer for you?

xx Julie