Wearing Your Baby- Not Just a Fashion Accessory

Babies need a lot of attention and there’s a great way you can have your baby with your all day, hands free. Imagine being able to cook, clean, shop, and play with your other children all while you baby is safely snuggled up against you. Well you can do that and more with the art of baby wearing.

Most people have seen the large backpack carriers that used to be very popular, but babies can now be worn in lots of different positions using several kinds of popular carriers.

There are many different types of carriers that you can get. The kind of carrier you want depends on how you want to carry your baby. There are tons of different choices; so research before you decide which kind you want.

Being worn in a sling is good for your baby. Here are just a few benefits your baby gains by being worn during the day:

  • Most babies cry less when they’re being worn; up to 50% less. This is because they’re always close to Mum. They’re also constantly getting new images to process and understand, so they’re less bored
  • The constantly changing stimuli when being carried helps to stimulate your baby’s brain and promote neural development.
  • Babies who are worn by their parents tend to form a stronger bond with them; this is because they always feel safe and secure.
  • Being able to feel Mum’s heart beat and body functioning helps the baby’s biorhythms develop faster. This means they get on a schedule faster and easier

Baby wearing is not only great for your baby; it’s great for you too.

  • Wearing your child gives you the comfort of having them there with the convenience of being able to use both your arms.
  • With a baby sling, you can breastfeed your child without using your hands.
  • You don’t have to haul around and annoying stroller or car seat when you’re out.
  • You get a great weight-bearing workout from carrying the extra weight.
  • Being with your baby all the time helps you learn their normal cues. Then you can anticipate when they’ll need to be fed, changed, or cuddled.

While baby slings and carriers are considered safe for you and your child,  there are some precautions you should take.

  • If you carry the baby on your hip or to one side, change sides and directions regularly so you don’t cause yourself back and hip problems.
  • Make sure you’re using a carrier or sling that is appropriate for the age of your child and the way you carry them.
  • If you don’t feel confident with it practice with a doll or teddy bear before you start carrying your child. This will help you learn to watch their head and to take other precautions to keep them from being injured.
  • Don’t wear your baby while in the car; they should be in an appropriate car seat.

If done safely and properly, wearing you baby in a sling or carrier can be a great way to bond with them, comfort them, and get all your chores done all at the same time.

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