A Prelude To My Belly Bed Review

Last week I was lying in bed, right hip and lower back aching, thinking that it’s a bit early for these kinds of pregnancy woes. If this is what I’m like now at 20 weeks, what will I be like at 38 or 42? I got to thinking about how in my work, I preach to women all the time about nurturing their pregnant selves. This seems to be easy enough to say, but I am flat out even getting myself to drink enough water even when I’m thirsty. The idea of taking time or spending money to look after myself is a distant memory.

I realised that I do need to take my own advice and spend some time nurturing myself. If I don’t, I think I’m in for an uncomfortable pregnancy. Expecting baby number 4, it’s easy to get bogged down with life as usual and to forget all about the wonder of what is actually going on. Number 4 or not,  I am still pregnant, the same amazing changes are happening in my body as happened when I was pregnant the first time. This pregnancy and this baby are just as special as the first 3.

I decided I’d start by treating myself to a pregnancy pillow, then at least I could be more comfortable while I sleep. I’ve wanted one with each pregnancy but felt like it is too much money to spend on something just for me, for just 5 months or so when ordinary pillows would do the job. This time, I was ready to do it anyway.

So.. a few days after I had this talk with myself, an opportunity came up for me to trial a new pregnancy bed, designed just for pregnant women to get a comfortable nights sleep and promises to relive hip and back pain. I jumped at the chance. Thoughts of buying myself a pregnancy pillow vanished and I started thinking about how I was going to arrange our bedroom so that I could fit a single bed size Belly Bed up against our double bed and still keep the toddlers cot in our room.

My Belly Bed arrived surprising quickly by courier on Friday. I am itching to find the time to get our bedroom sorted, so I can get the Belly Bed up and running and find out if it really is the miracle answer to a delightfully comfortable pregnancy. This my pregnancy indulgence, sent to me by my powers of intention.

I decided I’m going to be keeping a bit of a Belly Bed diary here on my blog under the reviews page. I have 19 weeks or so left of my pregnancy to trial the Belly Bed, the first thing I hope for is for some relief from of the aching right hip.

If you want to know more about the Belly Bed, you can get all the info here and follow my Belly Bed diary on my reviews page.

Quick update: I’ve been asked to put the trial on hold until I get sent a special cushiony sheet for the Belly Bed.