Sydney Birth Choices Expo- See what else is out there.

I’ve been busy as a beaver making up some Natural Transition sample bags and vouchers to go into the gift bags at Sydney’s birth choices expo. I’ve filled, sealed , stuck,  printed, cut, stuck and then done it all over again and again. I’m happy with the outcome:-)

It looks like it is gong to be a fantastic event for anyone who is pregnant. It will be a wonderful opportunity to see what ELSE is out there.

So. If you are in Sydney and your pregnant or just interested in birth- please support this magnificent event. It is FREE.

Drop me line by leaving a comment below and let me know if you are attending. I may see you there- and I’m desperate to know how my sample bags go down 😉

Here’s the info:

Friday October 30th 2009, 6-9pm, Annandale
Interested in Natural Birth, Homebirth & Natural Parenting?

Spend a community evening with like-minded people.
October Guest Speaker: ROBIN GRILLE – Author of Heart to Heart Parenting – Speaking from 7pm

  • Meet with Midwives, Doulas and other Practitioners
  • Find out the Dad’s Perspective with ‘Men at Birth’ table
  • Discover Products, Services and Support for Natural and Holistic Parenting
  • Receive a free Expo bag with special offers
  • Fantastic raffle prizes to be won
  • Admission is FREE

Friday October 30th 2009  &  Friday March 5th 2010, 6-9pm
Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, 79 Johnston Street, Annandale 2038
Why do we need events like this? We need choices in birth and people need to be able to explore them. Why? See my post 7 week old embryo warned not to be late.

If you want more info on the expo see

Hope to see you there!