Homemade Teething Rusks

My little 15 month old Lachie is teething up a storm at the moment. Mother nature is testing his limits as he sprouts 4 teeth all at once including 3 molars. On top of that, or maybe because of that, he has a snotty nose and frequent poo that seems to resemble battery acid in the way that it’s been burning his poor little bottom. He’s become somewhat like the family puppy, gnawing on anything that will fit in his mouth.

After several days of puppy dog behaviour, I decided to whip up a batch of the teething rusks I used to make for my big boys when they were babies. They are very simple to make, work a treat, Lachie likes them and are a much tastier and healthier option than the refined white wheat flour rusks you get in the supermarket.

Here’s my recipe 🙂

What you need:

10 slices of rye bread (you can use any kind of bread really, I’ve used rice bread for my babies when they were younger)

2 cups of miso soup (I use miso paste in water to make a broth but you can also just use those packets of dried miso soup mix so long as it doesn’t contain artificial flavours and flavour enhancers)

1 Tablespoon each of finely ground sesame seeds or sunflower seeds

What to do:

Cut the bread slices into little fist sized soldiers

Mix the sesame and sunflower seeds together in a  bowl

Brush some of the miso soup over the bread

Press the bread slices into the seed mix

Bake in a low oven (around 150 C) for about 11/2 hours until they resemble dried out dog bikkies

Cool ’em and put them in an airtight container

One batch of these makes around 30 rusks and will keep much longer than it takes for those teeth to sprout!