Mother stress- I’ve got it, do you?

Today I have been trying to juggle 6 loads of laundry, getting 2 children ready for school camp tomorrow and putting the house back together after a 3 day weekend with the whole family at home. I’m also getting ready to move my computer room to the play room, my biggest boy to his own room that is currently the computer room and my toddler from our room to share with my middle son. I’m planning on packaging the remaining 200 packets of bath salts for an order tonight and I am still working out my how to use my new website, my new email system and my new facebook page (check it out, there’s a great cloth nappy give away running 😉 )

If that wasn’t enough I’m also preparing for the Sydney Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo this coming weekend, you’ll find me on the connect2mums stand. Oh, yes and I mustn’t forget, I am the sole organiser for the schools mother’s day stall next week.

I’m constantly trying to answer science questions from my two big boys, I just got “Mum.. can you please tell me what a worm hole is?” Umm.. is ask Google as valid answer? I am writing this post with a 21 month old climbing all over me and trying to make his own fun on my keyboard. Apparently, about 5 minutes ago I said yes to the boys skating around the house in wet socks for them to ‘mop’ the floor :-/

Who knows what is for dinner or what time we’ll get it.

Life is not always this busy, but at the moment, it is CRAZY.

I finally gave up on trying to get things done just before and opened an enewsletter I have been waiting to find time to read. I could relate. Can you?

The fabulous Pinky McKay says:


I meet so many mums who are stressed, burntout and feel as though they simply cannot go on giving. Burnout isn’t a sign of weakness or an inability to ‘cope’ (what a dreadful word). Rather, it is usually a sign you have been giving too much – to everybody except yourself.

Mother stress is very real – it’s an enormous job you are doing with no clearly defined job spec and no tangible evidence, such as a paypacket, to show for such an awesome responsibility. There is also a lot of external pressure to live up to idealised images of what a mother ‘should
‘ be or do. This creates even more stress as we beat up on ourselves (just listen to that negative self talk).

Are you judging yourself harshly for not being a yummy mummy with an impeccable home, contented baby, compliant children, doting partner and supportive family members – just like in the glossy mags!

Are you desperately trying to balance on the speeding treadmill as you become everything to everybody, juggling more and more balls in the air as you strive to meet everybody’s needs except your own?


It is time for things to change but even making small changes can feel like too much effort when you are exhausted and overwhelmed. Instead of feeling angry or resentful that you don’t have the support that would make your life easier, or the people around you don’t appreciate or understand your huge workload (they probably assume mothers sit and have lattes while they watch the kids make messes!) , why not invest a little time in your own health and well being?

As my mothers’ day gift to you I am offering a FREE teleseminar “Mothering , the REAL change of life!” I am inviting you to take some time out, get some perspective and begin to make changes.

To find out more and book your place, check out the details HERE.

Teleseminars are fabulous – you can either listen live on the phone or computer or download the recording and listen when it suits you. Just make a cuppa and take some time out either by yourself or with a mama friend.

Register NOW!

Meanwhile, love laugh and enjoy and please be as gentle to yourself and your beloved as you are to your littlies,


Divine timing? I’m already registered for the free call.

Do you have some mother stress to share? You can dump it in here if you don’t need it, just leave it as a response.



PS- In the interest of full disclosure, I do stand to make a small commission if you decide to buy Pinky’s teleseminar series. I still think I have mother stress and know I’m not alone. I also know Pinky’s free classes are awesome even without buying the full series.

3 thoughts on “Mother stress- I’ve got it, do you?

  1. Woa! I don’t know how you manage having to have the house at inspection clean all the time along with day to day life. I’m flat out with being able to walk through a doorway without tripping on someone’s lego creation most of the time.
    Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself and giving yourself a little love. Hmm.. aromatherapy bubble bath sounds delicious. Keep taking those moments for you and I’ll try to remember to do the same. Thanks Amanda:-)

  2. This has come at a great time. My patience is wearing very thin at the moment. I like you am a WAHM, have two boys aged 3 and 18 months and we are in the process of selling the house so it ALWAYS has to be clean and my husband goes away for 9-10 days at a time for work. Not only that I have had two styes and the flu in the last month.
    I had a nice relaxing bath last night with essential oils and have been making sure that I eat plenty of organic fruit and vegetables. I am slowly getting better and more under control.

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