Finding The Right Remedy and Assesing Your Choice

Finding the right remedy

Babies cannot describe what they are feeling so you need to be very observant to find symptoms that will lead you to the right remedy. It is a good idea to be observant of your children when they are healthy so that their changes are clear to you. You need to do lots of looking feeling and smelling with babies to get to know their healthy state well enough to prescribe homoeopathic remedies for them when they are sick. Your parental intuition is also invaluable. This will enable you to get a sense of how ill your baby is and when it is necessary to seek medical advice. If you feel unsure then don’t hesitate to seek help and reassurance from your medical advisor.

Below is a checklist of areas that can be helpful when considering what remedy to give.

Appearance How does your baby look? Pale, flushed, puffy, pasty? (Skin colour, tone and texture are good indicators).

Eyes- Do they appear bright and sparkly or dull? Are the pupils dilated or contracted?

Perspiration- Where are they perspiring from? Is there lots of perspiration or lack of perspiration, how does it smell?

Sleep What position? Is your baby sleeping deeply or restlessly? Is your baby crying in its sleep?

Mood- Wanting to be carried, irritable, quite, whiny, clingy, happy, angry on waking. Does your baby have any identifiable fears such as loud noises, being left alone or the dark?

Discharges From nose, vomit, stool. What colour are the discharges? How would you describe the smell?

Energy levels Any variation in your baby’s normal energy level is an important symptom.

Side- Is the symptom one sided? Which side? Has the symptom changed sides?

Stress- What set the complaint off? Eg.Teething, change of weather, immunisations.

Fever- How high is the temperature? Is it a dry fever or accompanied by perspiration? Are there chills with the fever? Was it fast onset or slow?

Thirst- Is your baby unusually thirsty or lacking in thirst? What is your baby thirsty for? What temperature does your baby prefer to drink?

Is there anything else you can think of that is unusual about your baby’s behaviour or physical symptoms?

Reactions to the remedy

Often the first indication that the remedy is acting may be some general improvement such as calming, relaxation, or regaining of strength.

Sometimes the remedy acts well for some time but the action wears off and the baby relapses into the same state as before. This is a classic indication to repeat the remedy. This shows that the remedy was well chosen and has acted properly. It should be given as it was before until there ceases to be any further improvement.

If the remedy works well but the symptoms change, another remedy should be chosen.

If there is no response after four doses indicates the need to re-evaluate the situation. Consider giving another remedy if indicated or seeking additional medical advice.

Sometimes the remedy acts palliatively: the symptoms are relieved somewhat, but the remedy needs to be repeated often with less and less effect. In this case the remedy may be changed.

Occasionally, one of the presenting symptoms may become intensified for a short period of time which is then followed by a major improvement. This aggravation will improve and should require no further treatment.

If you have any questions about how to select the right remedy or how to use the remedies, just ask 🙂