Exercise While Pregnant- Do It In Comfort

Exercise in comfort. We’ve heard it before. But is it possible to find an outfit that somehow allows you to focus on your exercise and not the elastic waist-band that’s riding down? fitformum and Natural Transition, explore the importance of wearing comfortable clothing while exercising when pregnant.

Trying to exercise while pregnant is a big enough ask, let alone trying to exercise in comfort. There’s a variety of options out there for pregnant women, but fitformum, a 100% Australian company has developed a range of maternity active wear suitable for use during pregnancy and post pregnancy exercise.

Warming up and cooling down when you’re exercising during your pregnancy is just as important as it is pre and post. Now that you’re warmed up and ready to exercise, the fitformum team suggests wearing stretch clothing that breathes as well as supports.

Overheating while exercising during your pregnancy; is a big no-no. Keeping cool from the minute you start your exercise is imperative. The material used in the fitformum range breathes and wicks sweat away, leaving one less thing you have to worry about.

Remember at all times to keep your fluids up and don’t push yourself.

Support for your belly and growing breasts is vital, so look for tops that will stretch as your belly grows and in-built bra support. The top shouldn’t be too tight, but should be supportive. The top should also accommodate the type of exercise that you plan on undertaking. Are you going to be moving a lot? If so, consider a V neck tank top , for less active exercise, consider a short sleeve top.  Inbuilt bra support helps carry the extra breast weight that pregnancy brings, preventing unnecessary stretching of breast tissue.

Stretching during pregnancy is a key element of fitness and is made enjoyable if wearing comfortable stretch clothing. Stretching reduces muscle tension, which will help you feel relaxed. However as with any form of exercise you should consult a health care professional before exercise.

Finally, make sure you know how to modify your exercise routine and daily patterns if needs be. A health care professional can offer suggestions.

For information about fitformum range and other pregnancy tips visit www.fitformumactivewear.com.au