Using a Homeopathic birth kit

In order to effectively use a homeopathic birth kit, you and your birth partner should take the time to become familiar with this information, your birth kit and the various remedies.

This guide is designed to be an adjunct to your chosen birthing care. It is in no way designed to replace this care. Always use common sense when dealing with any birth experience and if you feel that you need help – just ask.

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What is homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is derived from the words “homeo” and “pathos”, meaning “similar suffering”. It is a system of medicine based on the principle that the body has an ability to heal itself. Our natural defence reactions are activated within the body when substances and environmental factors threaten to alter the body’s natural, balanced state. Homoeopathic medicines assist these defence reactions allowing the body to heal itself.

When given to a healthy individual, a homoeopathic medicine will produce signs and symptoms that closely resemble those symptoms that the medicine cures in sick individuals. So, in order to cure a ‘sick’ person we need to find the remedy that might cause that particular symptom pattern to develop in a healthy subject.

Why use homoeopathy in labour?

Since homoeopathic remedies easily awake the dormant self-healing mechanisms, only the smallest doses are required. Remedies are diluted and purified beyond the point of harm until only the state of energy of the remedy remains.

Often, during labour symptoms are suppressed by drugs and other interventions that can weaken the body’s defence reactions. Homoeopathy is an extremely safe and effective alternative and adjunct to medical interventions.

The act of giving birth is an overwhelming experience which can result in conflicts over issues such as: control, sexuality and fear of pain. Homoeopathy is particularly effective method of dealing with these issues.