I’d like to take a moment to welcome Penny Walters as Natural Transition’s newest contributor. Penny will be sharing info and experience about fertility astrology.

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Fertiltiy Astrology

By Penny Walters

Astrology has the ability to describe your life story, but did you know that it can also describe your fertility story? If you’ve been struggling to become pregnant, consider fertility astrology for finding your answers.

Your personal natal chart, which is determined by your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, can highlight times of higher or lower fertility circumstances. I’m sure you’ve heard of people who have struggled to fall pregnant for years, pursued IVF unsuccessfully, but then conceived naturally? They’ve conceived during a time of higher fertility which may not have existed while pursuing IVF.

Conception can be achieved during lower fertility periods depending on the fertility strength shown in an individual’s natal chart. It is also possible that conception may not be achieved during higher times of fertility, again depending on individual natal chart placements. A natal chart is a complex tool just as you are a complex person.

The first step in using fertility astrology is to work out your lunar cycle phase. The angular relationship of the transiting Sun and Moon at the moment of your birth describes your lunar phase. As this lunar cycle phase re-occurs each month, you are presented with a second conception opportunity.

A much deeper version of fertility astrology involves having your personal natal chart interpreted. Becoming aware of the energy in your natal chart can offer solutions to your fertility situation.

Key areas of research include the Moon as its condition will strongly indicate fertility levels, along with the “fifth house” which represents children. Beyond this predictive techniques are considered for determining times of higher or lower fertility. It is a matter of digging deep for indications of strong fertility times therefore supporting the likelihood for a successful pregnancy to occur. Astrology can provide guidance on the method and timing.

A fertility astrology client of mine has faced obstacles in her path to become pregnant. She has Saturn in her fifth house which describes delays, restrictions and limitations around children. Wherever Saturn is placed in our natal charts nothing is easy but rewards come with time and persistence. Her Saturn is in Taurus which rules money. Pursuing pregnancy has been a costly exercise and so far has involved an operation to address a health issue.

What helps this particular client is her Moon. The Moon representing fertility and mothering is also in Taurus which is a very positive placement, right next to Saturn thus lightening this energy. The Moon in Taurus provides stability so once conception is achieved the pregnancy is more likely to hold.

On a predictive level my client has interesting placements including a progressed new moon on her natal Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio. This basically means that she is headed for a major new beginning involving a birth. Transiting Uranus is bringing technology to her natal Sun advising the timing for pursuing IVF.

The Midheaven and its ruling planet are considered for status changes and going from single woman to mother certainly is one. My client’s predictive placement of a “major new beginning involving a birth” is headed straight for the ruler of her Midheaven. The new beginning involving a birth will include a transformation around her status. Her immediate future is looking quite promising.

My client recently confirmed that she has become pregnant with her first child using IVF. Although natal Saturn presented her with challenges, she has been rewarded for her persistence. Saturn in her fifth house also indicates an older mother and my client will give birth two months shy of her 40th birthday.