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Skype consultations

Coming soon. Leave me a message below or email for further info.

Ch ch ch ch changes

You should have read that title with David Bowie in your ear. Wowzers, it’s been a long time since I

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Speaking to Your Baby – Preparing them for Life

Today, I’m welcoming a guest post from Rachel Tomas, a writer at Enjoy 🙂 From the very moment I found

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You gotta love yourself!

Last Friday and Saturday I attended the AusMumpreneur conference in Sydney for mums in business. I got a huge amount

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A WikiLeaks cable- The US Lobbied Against Breastfeeding in the Philippines

By golly.  The US embassy lobbied against a breastfeeding campaign in the Philippines and blocked revisions in the Philippine Milk

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Welcome Cloth Nappy Hunt Hunters and About the Natural Transition Product of the Day Deals

A great big hiho to all the Cloth Nappy Hunt Hunters! If you haven’t joined the hunt, go check it out!

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I’m not so comfortable begging for votes, but pretty please vote for Natural Transition?

I need your help! I entered Natural Transition in the Bio-Oil Ausmumpreneur awards and landed a spot as a finalist

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Homebirth Australia seeks your urgent support

I was asked to help get this message out. I read it and have a mixed response. Firstly I think that it sucks that independent midwives

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Another ‘So… how hard is breastfeeding? post’

You would think that by the time a mother gets to baby number 4 that something as mumsie as breastfeeding would

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Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011- A guest post by my party baby

Here I am guest posting for my mama.  She’s too tired to write or something and apparently I was far

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