[paid] A beautiful tool to help you prepare for birth. This exercise has been prepared by hynobirth practitioner Dany Griffiths exclusively  for  Natural Transition members.

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Sea of Peace- Birth Preparation Exercise

About the exercise

To get the very best out of the Sea of Peace Birth Preparation hypnosis session it is useful to understand why it works. To explain this fully I’ve put together a 50 page manual as part of my Hypno 4 Birth Home Study Programme but I hope the following will help you appreciate the benefits.

Most women sadly believe that childbirth is awful, something to be endured, and for many they cannot possibly believe that they can get through it without the aid of pain relieving drugs.  They enter into labour full of fear and anxiety which lead to stressor hormones being released into the body causing the muscles of the uterus to constrict and tighten, resulting in great pain. When a women however is fully relaxed and without fear as she enters labour the stressor hormones cannot be present and instead her body’s natural pain killer, the endorphins are triggered which are 200 times the effect of morphine.  This mp3 works towards re-conditioning the mind that birth can be a more comfortable experience.  You are taken into a deep state of relaxation, which as already explained is in itself beneficial for a labouring woman, in which your mind is then more open to positive suggestions.  The more you listen to this mp3 the easier it will become for you to quickly enter a deeply relaxed state, and hearing the positive suggestions about labour and birth on a regular basis will help you to gain more confidence in your body’s ability to birth naturally and comfortably.

For more information on using Hypnosis for Childbirth and to purchase the Hypno 4 Birth Home Study Programme please go to www.tums2mums.com

Happy Birthing Days!

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