About the tracks

These are one hour relaxation music tracks especially made for helping calm a busy mind, so here you have 3 hours of calming relaxation music. Perfect to listen to while relaxing during pregnancy, as peaceful birthing music or relaxing with your baby while breastfeeding.

Research has demonstrated that music therapy relaxation and stress management approaches are an effective form of stress management. Benefits include decreased heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, anxiety, agitation and depression, along with general stress reduction, improved coping skills and better psychosocial adjustment. Music has also shown to be an effective sedative during times of anxiety. As a completely drug free approach to stress management, music is the perfect approach to managing stress, anxiety and sleeplessness during what is for many, a highly stressful time.

Download the tracks

Right click the links below and choose ‘save as’ to download a file to your desktop

The Transition.zip