natural preconception care Did you know that it takes around 120 days for the sperm and egg to develop and mature? 

These are the building blocks that will make your baby.

You have the opportunity to make changes  before you get pregnant that can:

  • Make conception easier
  • Reduce pregnancy complications
  • Improve the health of your future child

Hi, my name is Julie Cottle. I’m a Naturopath with 14 years of clinical experience and a passion for reproductive health science. I’ve helped many couples conceive beautiful healthy babies, and I believe that preconception health is the ultimate in preventative healthcare; a precious gift that you can give your future child.

Preconception healthcare focuses on things you can do before and between pregnancies to increase the chances of conceiving quickly, having an easy pregnancy, and a healthy child.

I’ve created two tools to help you make a preconception healthcare plan and put it into action.

  1. The Best Chance Preconception Care Checklist. This will help you create a preconception care plan and
    put it into action. It’s the same process I use to guide couples through The Best Chance Preconception Care Program that I use with my private practice patients.
  2. 50The (1)
  3. The 50 Fertility Affirmations ebook. This will help you to set a positive baby making mindset.

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