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Welcome Cloth Nappy Hunt Hunters and About the Natural Transition Product of the Day Deals

A great big hiho to all the Cloth Nappy Hunt Hunters! If you haven’t joined the hunt, go check it out!

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Pure Bamboo Nappy Bucket Deoderiser Review and Giveaway

I had no idea about Pure Bamboo and their products until I came across them at the recent EcoXpo. It

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Cloth Nappies- Easy On Mum, Baby and Land Fill

It used to be that nappies (or diapers for my American friends) were such a hassle; mothers had no choice but to use cloth nappies, clumsy pins, and annoying covers. Then they invented disposable nappies and most mothers thought it was a miracle. Now, about 80% of babies use disposables. But are disposable nappies really better? Before you go grab a pack of Huggies, catch up on some of the benefits of cloth.