Tetra Tea Tree Organic Cotton Snuggle Bed

The healthiest portable bed for co-sleepers, cot sleepers and when out and about. 

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Take your baby's familiar bed anywhere.

The Tetra Snuggle Bed has been popular for newborns for more then 20 years. It sits on any safe, firm and flat surface and can be placed directly in a cot, replacing the need for a bassinet or cradle.

It's a great option for co-sleeping families as it can be put in the parents bed while maintaining a seperate, safe sleeping environmnet for your baby. 

The Tetra Organic Snuggle Bed is lightweight and portable so that you can move it from room-to-room or between houses, allowing bub to keep their own familiar and comfortable sleeping environment at every destination.

The base is filled with chemical-free and breathable Tea Tree Flakes, and the sides are firmly filled.

Each Snuggle Bed comes with a removable cover for easy washing.

Hand-made in Australia and sweatshop free it’s a wonderful, ethical and natural choice.


The Snuggle Bed can be sponged washed. Dry the unit in direct sunlight as this is the most powerful natural disinfectant. If you would like an added barrier to absorb any liquid leaks from baby and want to stay natural, you can tuck a cotton nappy underneath the outercover (via the velcro access point).