About  baby massage

Newborn to toddler and beyond. People of all ages can benefit from massage. Baby massage is a great way to sooth a baby and to provide some structure in their day without enforcing strict routines.  It helps to keep them calm and helps mum, dad and grandparents with bonding.  You can learn baby massage during pregnancy, wait until you have your baby or learn it any time afterwards. Infant Massage is a very old parenting practice that has been modernized and is in active use today supported by evidence-based research. There is recorded history of the use and practice of infant massage amongst many different cultures around the globe.

I like to keep baby massage instruction sessions to around 45 mins but always allow extra time for those things that inevitably pop up during a session. Nappy changes, feeding, distressed babies… no problem. We work with it. I help you to learn about oils and a variety of techniques for different areas of the body. I help you to get comfortable with applying techniques and then I encourage you to go away and practice with your baby to find what works best for you and your family. I’m always available for follow up support when required. I usually find that 2x 45 minute sessions is all that is required for parents to become experts at massaging their baby.

And because I understand baby brain and information overload, you get a booklet to take home with you.




Includes approximately 45 min instruction/ demonstration, notes and a massage oil.


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Call 1300 752 221 for bookings and enquiries.


Where to find me

You’ll find me at suite 3, 264 Pacific Highway, Hornsby, NSW, 2077. Right next door to the toy shop and up the stairs.

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